Bulldog Kliffs Rennen, Bisbee AZ – March 2018

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Photos by Albert Duarte

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Outlaws Air Support

Short video of Dennis & Barb Crowley escorting the Phoenix group.

356 Parade Sport Group

Short video of the 356 parade headed out from the Lavender Mine in Bisbee.

356 Parade Tour Group

Short video of the 356 parade headed out from the Lavender Mine in Bisbee.

Legacy Award Presentation

Outlaws President Steve Proctor presents the Legacy Award to Roy Pederson & Mary Jane Oring during lunch at the Hotel Gadsden in Douglas, AZ

356 Highway Parade

A side of the road view of the Outlaws on the move. Courtesy of Chuck Croteau.


11th Annual Bulldog Kliffs Rennen, March 16-18, 2018

Well, Spring has definitely sprung in Arizona!  The Outlaws ushered in Arizona's shortest season with a rousing Bulldog Kliffs Rennen (the Outlaws' signature Spring driving event) in southern Arizona over St. Patrick's Day weekend.  In-state Arizona Outlaws shared the event with five cars from California and two from New Mexico - always great to have our out-of-state Outlaws share in the fun.

Along with stirring drives through the saguaros on two-lane back roads, we enjoyed camaraderie on the balcony of the Eldorado Suites Hotel (thanks for filling our growlers, Old Bisbee Brewery), pub visits along Brewery Gulch and visits to Southern Arizona treasures Mission San Xavier del Bac and Hotel Gadsden in Douglas.  Both are southern Arizona must-sees.

Most agreed that the lunch and tour of the Gadsden were the highlights of the event.  Owners Anel and Florencio Lopez arranged VIP reserved parking for an entire block in front of the hotel and an elegant private dining room for lunch.  Over 100 years of history at the hotel provides a plethora of stories, including Poncho Villa riding up the marble staircase on his horse and at least one ghost, although it did not make an appearance while we were there.

Steve Proctor