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Our Approach

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Our Story

Originally founded in 1993, the Arizona Outlaws 356 Club is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the Porsche 356 and to the fellowship of 356 enthusiasts. Arizona has some of the best scenic and twisty back road drives for 356ers, combined with a great year round climate. Our mission is to enjoy all aspects of the Porsche 356, the people who love to drive them, and the comaraderie of that group during drives and events.

The Arizona Outlaws have organized and hosted five West Coast Holidays; 1979, 1989, 1999, 2002, and 2019. Our tradition has become "every ten years on the nines".

Our Preamble

To share our knowledge of, interest in and enthusiasm for Porsche 356 automobiles;

To stimulate interest in and foster appreciation for Porsche 356 automobiles;

To help our members maintain, enjoy and preserve Porsche 356  automobiles; and

To plan sponsored events that encourage member participation.

Membership in the Club is open to anyone who has interest in Porsche 356 automobiles. Ownership of a Porsche 356 automobile is not required. Just sign up for the Outlaws monthly Newsletter ( and start attending events.

Our club is successful because of the enthusiasm and participation of our members.

Meet the Board of Directors


Steve Proctor

President and Treasurer

(520) 419-0359


Pete Robinson



David Gill



Tom Reyman



Scott Evans

Newsletter & Web Site 


Jeff Flaherty



Cliff Berryman


Next Steps...

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